Youth Club/Activities

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For ages 0 to 12 – The Kirby Kangaroo Account

  • Savings account with their very own Kirby Membership Card.
  • Special “Kirby Bucks” to redeem for some really neat prizes VIEW PRIZE LIST HERE.
  • Grab a treat every time you make a deposit.
  • Click here to enjoy the Kirby Website.
  • Special activities.

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For ages 13 to 18 – The CU Succeed Teen Account

Before you know it, your teen will be out of high school and managing money on their own. Open a CU Succeed Teen Account today.

Your teen will receive quarterly newsletters with information on how to better handle their money.

They will also earn interest on the first penny they deposit. It’s a great way to teach them good savings habits early!

Youth Rates

Youth Savings Rates

 .25% – Dividend  .25% – APY*

*APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield.