About Success Credit Union and How to Join

Welcome to Success Credit Union.

You may think a credit union is just like other financial institutions, but, in fact, credit unions are unique because credit unions are MEMBER OWNED! Here are a few other things, which make credit unions special:

  • Success Credit Union, like other credit unions, is operated by a volunteer board of directors, democratically voted upon by the members.
  • Success Credit Union, like other credit unions, is NOT FOR PROFIT, which means income doesn’t go to stockholders, it goes back to the members in a variety of ways including attractive rates, lower/fewer fees and expanded services.
  • Success Credit Union, like many other credit unions, offers a full-line of services to members including flexible loans, great deposits and personal member service.
  • Success Credit Union account holders are members – not customers. Membership really does matter!
  • Credit unions are regularly featured in media publications as a great financial option to consider for both loans and savings products.

How We Began

Success Credit Union was founded in 1959 by and for military personnel at the former Eaker Air Force Base in Blytheville. Many of these individuals had trouble getting loans from other financial institutions because of the tendency of military personnel to have to relocate frequently.

The credit union began with around 100 members and now has more than 22,000. The growth the credit union experienced now means that members are served at five locations: Blytheville, Gosnell, Jonesboro, Forrest City and Paragould.

Success Credit Union’s field of membership has changed as well. The credit union now serves more than 350 Partner Groups and holds a community charter serving all of St. Francis County.

For a list of organizations/companies which qualify, click here.

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