Newsletters & CU News

Fall 2018

It’s been a busy season at NEAFCU!  In this issue, we cover our latest on-site visits and introduce our 2018-19 Christmas Club rate.  It’s a great time to be a member!

Spring 2018

In this issue of Common Cents, NEAFCU discusses the latest trend for fraudsters: Grandparent Schemes.  We also list tips on how to avoid scams and frauds, and keep your money and account information safe!

Summer 2018

Summer is here!  In this issue, learn about our VISA credit card and HELOC offering.  You can also view tips on how to make saving money a priority and what precautions to take before any summer travel.

Summer 2017

Welcome home to the credit union!  NEAFCU discusses our roots as an institution and the benefits of a credit union membership.  We also discuss monthly credit-tracking programs and the Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) program.